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Think About it...

Established in Las Vegas Nevada, NEXTWATCH was born and raised only miles away from one of the most premium luxury environments. Pure intention backed by ten years of experience in the space exposed an opportunity to design a platform for all watch connoisseurs to enjoy. Our mission is to provide a creative alternative to online luxury.


Dedicated to providing a refined offering of unique timepieces and exceptional boutique service from the comfort of home. The NEXTWATCH E-Boutique is a solution for those who value time and appreciate convenience. We are passionate about advancing the traditions of horology for future generations. We are devoted to time.

Every NEXTWATCH is intended to be its owner’s life-long companion and be passed down to the next generation. It’s a unique and personal object filled with precious memories. For these reasons, focused client relations and the expertise required to select timeless pieces is as important as the skills required to produce them.

The value in long-term relationships has become the most important and fulfilling principal ingrained in our DNA. It is important to provide a perspective focused on transparency. NEXTWATCH, as a result, assures excellence of both timepiece and experience.

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